Friday, May 26, 2017
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Recently in 9th Literature Honors Category

Welcome to Honors 9th Literature! 


January 4-7

 Looking ahead~

 Friday, 1/7 -DGP 16 quiz; Mini Me due

Tuesday, 1/18 -Required Reading Early Turn in opportunity

Friday, 1/21 -Required Reading Due Date



1.  Distribute DGP

2.  DGP 16, Parts of Speech

3.  Student Info Card

4.  Introduce Mini Me assignment - due Friday

5.  Review Required Reading assignment & due dates.

6.  Introduce course policies & syllabus. Get your syllabus signed ASAP please. Floyd syllabus.doc

7.  Vocab books may be purchased beginning tomorrow for $8.

8.  Introduce Portfolio assignment Port. Checklist Spring 2011.doc

Check Worksheet.docx PORTFOLIO RUBRIC - Revised 2008sp.doc

9.  Sign syllabus received log
HW: get your syllabus signed, bring $8, and work on Mini Me and Required Reading assignments.



1.    Collect signed syllabi. Receipt payments for Vocab books.

2.    DGP 16, Parts of Sentence, clauses, phrases, and sentence type.

3.    9th Lit Grammar Pretest

4.    Intro to Poetry: TP-FASTT with "When I Am Asked" TPFASTT Poetry Analysis.doc

5.    Introduce Poetry Out Loud Assignment

HW: Mini Me due Friday. Required Reading.



1.    Collect signed syllabi. Receipt Vocab books.

2.    DGP 16, Punctuation & diagram

3.    Timed Writing Pre-Assessment

4.    TP-FASTT with "Constantly Risking Absurdity"

HW: Mini Me due tomorrow. DGP Quiz tomorrow.



1.    Collect syllabi and receipt vocab books.

2.    DGP 16 Quiz

3.    Mini Me Personal introductions and partner introductions

HW: Required Reading Assignment

Essential Questions and Standards Addressed:

 What will it take for me to be successful in Mrs. Floyd's class?

How can I interact with poetry in order to develop my understanding of sound, figurative language, and form? ELA9RL1.a,b

How can I responsibly present my classmate & myself to the group? ELA9LSV1.c